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You will never look at a wine list the same again. 

Or feel lost when you walk into a boutique wine store. Or confused how to pair wine with your favorite food.


Wine wasn't always complicated like this. There was a time when wine was just something to share, enjoy and drink over dinner without focusing on complicated or irrelevant language. Something happened between the tragic clean slate of Prohibition and the hyper analysis of wine today.


A new class of drinkers emerged in the mid-20th century: The Wine Elite. And despite the dubious claims of the "making wine approachable for everyone" charge of the last few years, the ever-present Wine Elite want to keep what they know and enjoy to themselves.

So for the rest of the world, this can make those 90 seconds at a restaurant table struggling to make a confident decision intimidating. 

What Matt Demers does


Matt has a unique style teaching wine the same way we learned our native language: creating meaning through storytelling and focusing on a sense of place, memory, and context. All by using a restaurant wine list.


Matt will teach you to see wine as he does, and along the way, you will develop your own palate. Because you have one. And Matt will help you discover it. 

You will be self-assured handling a wine list. You will walk into a wine store with a swagger. You will crush hosting a dinner party. Learning about wine is more than being technical. You will start learning the secretive, mysterious wine terminology. But, at your pace. For wine is about enjoying and having fun. And not taking it — and life — so seriously.

Wine is for us all.  Let's take it back.




Matt uses his love of storytelling, creating experiences, and being conscious of a sense of place and context as the foundation of his beverage curriculum. He offers a host of single seminars and ongoing experiences based on emotional resonance and community, using local restaurant wine, beer and cocktail lists as conduits.


Matt breaks down wine and cocktail lists into small contextual units to learn structure, using memory and personal preferences to build confidence.


The goals of Matt's interactive seminars are to give everyone more certainty maneuvering through complicated beverage lists or staring at a wall of unfamiliar labels in a wine or spirits shop.


From on-site happy hours and team-building seminars to off-site activities partnered with local restaurants, Matt creates communities joined together through a love of food and drink. 

Almost a decade in the service industry (plus a host to countless dinner and cocktail parties at his home), Matt is a naturally unobtrusive presence at formal and informal dinners, cocktail parties, and events.


Matt will educate and serve guests in a very discreet manner, being a helpful resource to share information. Matt can be an integral component in planning a perfect night of beverage and food pairings.

Matt has spent years selling fine wine from all over the world. Matt can curate and manage a well-rounded cellar as well as pointing out holes missing for those who have established wine and spirits collections at home.



Matt Demers has been involved in the food and beverage industry for decades, from making frozen mudslides as a bartender in a nightclub to pouring expensive tete-a-cuvée champagne at industry trade shows twenty years later.


A Certified Sommelier living in San Francisco, Matt has been in the wine industry for close to a dozen years working as a wine sales representative. In between the years of late night bar shifts and having a wine bag slung on his shoulder, he had chartered an unconventional path — from a personal trainer to a psychotherapist to a food photographer. But ultimately his love for the hospitality industry brought him permanently back.

A random encounter with the "Best Sancerre Ever" in a small Paris cafe years ago forever changed his view on how to experience wine. Finding the same bottle one cold, snowy February night months later in Boston, he quickly realized it hardly had the same luster he remembered. Dejected, but intrigued, he realized the importance of "context" when talking about wine (and life in general). Let's face it: drinking a glass of glorious Sauvignon Blanc watching the world go by in a sunny European café is slightly different than having the same wine on a frigid, dreary winter night. Again, with wine, like life, contextual experience can be a game changer.

In addition to his ongoing studies with the Court of Master Sommeliers, Matt also is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and has the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) advanced certified with distinction. An undergraduate degree in English/Creative Writing, Matt has his Master of Social Work from Simmons College in Boston and has done doctorate work studying psychoanalysis.


A self-proclaimed francophile (and descendant of a French ruffian who was a bootlegger during Prohibition), Matt is now studying for the French Wine Scholar exam while continuing his lifelong study of the French language. 

Lastly, Matt feels he has single-handedly created the explosion of interest regarding Provençal rosé. This allegation has yet to be verified. Nevertheless, he stands by his claim.



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